Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Dec 2003 17:44 UTC
Morphos reports that bplan GmbH announced, the version of the Open Firmware shipped with the Pegasos II is faulty: after changes made by "setenv" the system does not boot anymore. There is also a small fix for a broken MorphOS 1.4 install script.
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by unit on Wed 31st Dec 2003 02:23 UTC

As a former Amigan (I sold my 4000 in 1997) and who was involved in the Amy demo scene, I've been recently browsing the various Amiga/MOS forums, following this debate with interest. I didn't even know about the Peg until about 3 months ago...

So, from an outsider's perspective this is how the situation appears to me. The so-called true Amiga community is a shadow of it's former self. The Amiga community was once dynamic and innovative. I'd noticed as the time drew near to sell my Amy, and as technology elsewhere progressed in leaps and bounds, the 'active' members of the Amiga community were departing in droves, leaving only the evangelists who for the most part contributed nothing. They were the ones who wou7ld bleat inanely about the Amiga and clearly liked the sense of belonging to a 'community' by the virtue of owning one.

Other than the 'official' name, which seems to be owned by a bunch of crooks anyway in Ainc (nothing has changed in that regard from the C= days ;) ), The AOne/OS4 combo bears little relation to the Amiga of old, nor does the community. Sorry, not trolling but it seems rather sad and pathetic.

I'm interested in the Pes/MOS combo, because there appears to be a new platform emerging, with a forward looking, open and active community, and great support from the developer, Genesi. Im' going to wait a little longer before i commit myself to a Peg but I'm impressed so far. Besides, I wouldn't by virtue of being a concept artist in the games industry and requiring Photoshop and Painter, ditch my PC outright. I simply can't afford to, yet.

The evangalists for the Amy have completely misunderstood imho. The the Peg/MOS combo isn't an Amiga wannabee. It's going in a completely new direction, forming a new community. In that sense, like BeOS, linux, and the vavious other small, innovative communities centred out there, its the true inheritor of the Amiga spirit, more so than what I see happening in the insular Amiga community of today.

My two cents...