Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Dec 2003 17:44 UTC
Morphos reports that bplan GmbH announced, the version of the Open Firmware shipped with the Pegasos II is faulty: after changes made by "setenv" the system does not boot anymore. There is also a small fix for a broken MorphOS 1.4 install script.
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Re: Nate
by unit on Wed 31st Dec 2003 03:48 UTC

Thanks Nate for the info. When I had an Amiga I owned original copies of ImageFX, Brilliance, and Personal Paint. They were quite decent packages and its good to hear that ImageFX at least persists, although it struggled somewhat on my 040/25. I'm sure it wouldn't be the case on a Peg. I can't recall whether ImageFX had PhotoShop style layers, but I do remember that is was geared towards image manipulation and it's paint/darwing tools were practically non-existent when compared to PShop and certainly to Painter.

That being said I'm not seeking replacements for PShop and Painter. I would continue to use my PC for that purpose until ideally at least I could run MacOnLinux or OSX natively whereby I could get access to these packages all on on system.

This is completely off topic, but does anyone know if a Intuos2 Wacom Tablet will work under MOS? There is a package called PaintFX on MOS is that correct? Thoughts?

Thanks again Nate...