Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Dec 2003 17:44 UTC
Morphos reports that bplan GmbH announced, the version of the Open Firmware shipped with the Pegasos II is faulty: after changes made by "setenv" the system does not boot anymore. There is also a small fix for a broken MorphOS 1.4 install script.
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MorphOS being a "new platform"
by anonymous on Wed 31st Dec 2003 09:40 UTC


I disagree with your statement that MorphOS is a new platform. In it's present state it's a re-implementation of the Amiga OS. It's like a Rolex from a street vendor, looks shiny and pretty but the guts are nothing special. Atleast a quick glance on there is no information about the core of MOS, just information about what libraries where fixed or updated. I've yet to see good reason for using Quark over Mach or Linux. MOS/Quark lists some excellent goals but details are sketchy on when they will be added.

Be Inc attempted to design and release a new platform that was actually new. Thus far MorphOS has succeded in providing binary compatability with Amiga 3.1. But I wonder why they would pick the Amiga of all the platforms? Take the MOS feature set and add Windows compatability or even linux compatability and you would have a much more interesting product.

Cowardly Anonymous