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OSNews, Generic OSes Some days ago we hosted a head to head review of Bochs, VMWare Workstation and VirtualPC. I received a number of emails asking why I haven't included Netraverse's Win4Lin in the article. The main reason was because Win4Lin is not an emulator in the "traditional" sense of the word; neither it runs under Windows XP, where our previous test were conducted. In fact, Win4Lin can only run Dos and Win9x/ME, under Linux. We got hold of the brand new version of Win4Lin, version 4.0, and here is our review accompanied by some screenshots we grabbed for you.
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First non-DOS OS from MS
by Richard on Sat 25th May 2002 04:37 UTC

> Because NT/2K/XP are the first non-DOS based MS operating systems that we have seen.

DEC Stand-Alone BASIC

CP/M 2.2 for the MS Apple II SoftCard

Microsoft Xenix (before it was sold to SCO)

MSX-DOS (clone of CP/M for MSX)

OS/2 wasn't DOS based