Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 31st Dec 2003 18:41 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Here is a short list of the things I totally loved this year. Use the comment section to tell us about your favorites too!
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my pennies
by Adam Scheinberg on Wed 31st Dec 2003 21:03 UTC

Best open source apps: MozillaFirebird, WinSCP, gaim
Best MS Killer: 1.1
Best New Design: the "Plastik" theme
OS with Most Potential: Linux 2.6
Most Overhyped OS: Longhorn
Most Overhyped OS runner-up: Zeta
Most Likely to Make a Comeback: Solaris 10
Most Progress This Year: SkyOS
Most Overlooked OS: Cisco IOS
Best Drama: SCO vs. IBM vs. Linus
Best Distro: Xandros 2.0
Best Idea: Gnome Storage
Best Upgrade: Mandrake 9.0 to 9.1
Best CD Based Distro: Knoppix
Expect Big Things from: DragonflyBSD
Best Corporate ReOrg: Red Hat
Worst PR: Red Hat
Best Received New Distro: MEPIS
Worst Received New Distro: Yoper
Best Bet for 2004: Novell Linux and Ximian