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Best Server OS
by TonguÁ Yumruk on Thu 1st Jan 2004 01:48 UTC

Well, I can understand the reason why OSX is selected best Desktop OS. But I think selecting Windows Server 2003 as the best server OS is unintelligible.

Let's see:
Number of platforms that you can run WS2003: 1 (i386)
Number of platforms you can run Linux: 20
Number of platforms you can run NetBSD (approx.): Anything that has a cpu

Well, I think the comparison is over. There is no need to look at other areas like cluster-computing, number of cpu's per machine, scalablity (can run in watches, pdas, desktops, low-end servers, and server-farms. guess what it is)...

But of course if you want to just click and run a web server, WS2003 might be ideal...