Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 31st Dec 2003 18:41 UTC
Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs Here is a short list of the things I totally loved this year. Use the comment section to tell us about your favorites too!
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My bests
by Aeonsfx on Thu 1st Jan 2004 07:07 UTC

Most Promising: Definitely DragonflyBSD, it looks like its going to take BSD and Linux by storm (well, maybe I'm overstating it, but its a new year ;) )

Desktop: Linux 2.6, even though I love FreeBSD 4.9, and don't really have any problems with it, it looks like 2.6 is a big step forward for Linux

Server: Solaris (I don't think anything beats this) or VMS (this is one of those OSes that I was happy to discover recently)

Embedded Systems: Tron/ITron, looks like the way to go for embedded tech, if not Tron then maybe NetBSD

Hobbiest: MorphOS, it looks like a modern day Amiga. If only I had a PPC, I would *love* to try it out

Disappointment: FreeBSD 5.x because I want to see more releases now.... It seems pretty innovative, but it needs more polishing. I think *BSD will make a comeback though, next year. ;)

Trollmanship: Any BSD Thread. Literally crawling with "BSD is dying trolls," and I must admit, "BSD is superior to everything trolls" (though they were far more anti-bsd trolls)

Just so Eugena knows, there needs to be a better moderation system to quell a certain two or three trolls that appear in every one of the *BSD threads. I find it saddening that some people hate BSD with such a passion find an excuse to troll on these threads. Instead of being with insightful commentary, they have been filled with flamage.

Also, the anti-Amiga trolls disgusted me.