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SkyOS outpacing Syllable?
by Adam K on Thu 1st Jan 2004 15:06 UTC

Hardly. Let's compare:

1) Syllable has a graphical browser that works (Skykruzer just sits and spins, and spins, and spins).
2) It has support for multiple users (though doesn't, yet, enforce permissions).
3) Has a fully functional media framework.
4) Syllable remembers your network settings between boots.
5) Has it's own journalled filesyste (which, admittedly, has shown stability issues for some people, myself included).
6) Self-hosting (you can compile Syllable from within Syllable).


1) Has a semifunctional browser (has any user gotten it to work properly?)
2) Single-user
3) Has a port of VLC.
4) Forgets network settings.
5) Uses fat partitions (and, as I understand it, ext2 partitions).
6) Requires windows+cygwin+djgpp to build drivers and applications according to the developers book.

How about hardware support, then?


1) Realtek 8139
2) NE2000
3) 3c90x
4) Intel Etherexpress Pro
5) AMD PCnet

6) USB mass storage
7) USB mice + keyboards

8) SB Audigy
9) SB Live!
10) SoundBlaster PCI (es137x)
11) i810 ICH audio
12) VT82xx audio
13) SoundBlaster Pro

14) Matrox G200/G400/G450
15) nVidia (every model?)
16) SiS 3xx

I know I'm missing some hardware, but this is all I could think of.


1) AMD PCnet
2) Realtek 8139
3) 3c509

4) SoundBlaster Pro
5) SoundBlaster PCI (es137x)

6) Vesa only, at the moment (with Radeon and nVidia support on the way for 5.0)

7) USB mice + keyboards
8) USB Mass storage (though is that available now, or only in 5.0?)

Missing anything?

There are, of course, some other hardware they both support that's fairly common (PS/2 mice+keyboards, IDE+ATA support, etc).

In addition, Robert has said that there isn't likely to be any network support (except for a loopback driver) in 5.0, and the SoundBlaster will be the only soundcard supported since he's rewriting the driver interface. So there go a few more items when 5.0 comes out.

Now, none of this is mean to degrade Robert's work. He has done an absolutely incredible job, and I'd love to see SkyOS go far, but to say that SkyOS is outpacing Syllable is just a tad bit delusional :-)