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Re: SkyOS outpacing Syllable?
by Vanders on Thu 1st Jan 2004 15:32 UTC

I know I'm missing some hardware, but this is all I could think of.


DEC Tulip
Via Rhine
3Com 3c509

In fact, almost all common cards are supported. The only one currently unsupported is the DP83815/SiS NIC


Via 82C686 (Seperate from the VT82xx at the moment)

A lot of the sound drivers support compatable chipsets E.g. the Trident & i810 drivers also support chipsets from SiS, ALi & nVidia.


Matrox driver also supports older cards E.g. Millenium
nVidia support for everything from a TNT upto GeForceFX
S3 Virge DX/GX
Trident (VLB & PCI)
ATi Mach64
Savage IX/MX
A VMWare video driver is available but not yet in Syllable.

The nVidia, GeForceFX, SiS & Mach64 drivers support video overlays. Again it is almost easier to list common cards we do not currently support (Radeon, Intel Extreme, some Savage cards)

You can check for a list of "Known Good" hardware with Syllable, although it is not always upto date with the latest drivers & updates.