Linked by Walter Kruse on Thu 8th Jan 2004 06:55 UTC
Linux It seems that I am in some sort of retro-mode. As Linux on the desktop is getting bigger and better, with more apps, more sleek looks (Galaxy, Keramik and Blue Curve for example) and more idiot proof, I am going onto simpler, more condensed stuff. The big distributions are nice, but I really do not need all the applications that come with them all the time.
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RE: "bloat"
by Telemann on Thu 8th Jan 2004 17:53 UTC

"4 GB HD space is worth less than $4.. so why should you care?"

That's a very Microsoft-esque way of thinking. Our goal should be to create an OS that's efficient and uses disk space appropriately, rather than just eating up room because it's there. Elegance, efficiency and cleanliness are important, and trying to keep a system's footprint down leads to a better end result than just throwing in anything possible.

Developers who care about overhead and size usually create the cleanest and most efficient software. Those who assume everyone won't mind filling their 80G drive with redundant files usually end up with bloated and bug-ridden apps.