Linked by Walter Kruse on Thu 8th Jan 2004 06:55 UTC
Linux It seems that I am in some sort of retro-mode. As Linux on the desktop is getting bigger and better, with more apps, more sleek looks (Galaxy, Keramik and Blue Curve for example) and more idiot proof, I am going onto simpler, more condensed stuff. The big distributions are nice, but I really do not need all the applications that come with them all the time.
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Not Exactly On Topic But...
by John DeHope 3 on Thu 8th Jan 2004 19:02 UTC

I wish there was a book entitled "Linux For Windows Hackers" or somesuch. I am a pretty comfortable windows guy, but whenever I read threads about linux my head spins. This stuff makes very little sense to me. I've picked up what apt-get is, and I did a search just now for djbdns, but since windows already does all the DNS work for me, I don't understand what dns software does for me. All the wacky filenames and super-truncated terms baffle me.

I wish I could at least be reasonably knowledgeable. But right now I feel like a lost monkey in search of his goatsmilk lozenge.