Linked by Walter Kruse on Thu 8th Jan 2004 06:55 UTC
Linux It seems that I am in some sort of retro-mode. As Linux on the desktop is getting bigger and better, with more apps, more sleek looks (Galaxy, Keramik and Blue Curve for example) and more idiot proof, I am going onto simpler, more condensed stuff. The big distributions are nice, but I really do not need all the applications that come with them all the time.
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reply to Brian N about distro slightly bigger than DSL
by Stan on Thu 8th Jan 2004 22:28 UTC

Hi all
just about that question about an intermediate between DSL (50MB) and the 200MB plus distros
well there is Flonix which is like a slightly bigger DSL with more multimedia suport built in and is about 64MB
It also can install to HDD and it has a nice Media Centre type frontend you can use for a home made set top box (it even suports TV cards!)
Personaly i love Slax and would love it to have a quick install to disk button like Morphix light does
Incidentaly Morphix light is great on 486 systems itself!

oh and as for disk sizes? Here in Uk I have only seen 30mb and 50mb credit card sized disks then it is the 3 inch circular 185 or 210 sized disks
I have never heard of 157 mb sized disks

my personal opinion on what distro for old hardware is dependent on disk size:

200mb = DSL
200mb to 500mb = Flonix
500mb = Morphix light (or Slax if it can be installed OK)
500mb to 1000mb = Vector

These arent exact! just some rough guides I use with linux.

Then again i have put win95 on a 486 laptop under 100mb HDD.
winME on a laptop with 800mb pentium100 using "98light" to strip out explorer and "lightstep" as shell etc this runs old version of office 97 fine.
I have even put win3.1 on an old laptop 386 with "calmira" as a front end so it looks/behaves like win95 in under 40mb and it runs wordperfect8 fine.

so whatever your old hardware there is some operating system you can use with it at a decent speed be it microsoft or linux. (I prefer linux obviousely or i wouldnt be here)