Linked by Walter Kruse on Thu 8th Jan 2004 06:55 UTC
Linux It seems that I am in some sort of retro-mode. As Linux on the desktop is getting bigger and better, with more apps, more sleek looks (Galaxy, Keramik and Blue Curve for example) and more idiot proof, I am going onto simpler, more condensed stuff. The big distributions are nice, but I really do not need all the applications that come with them all the time.
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good distro
by emh on Fri 9th Jan 2004 02:13 UTC

I've used DSL and like it a lot. Amazing how much is packed into a modern distro with only 50 meg. I can be online within 10 min of popping in the cd, very few distros offer that.

As far as mini cd distros, there is LAS, but this is oriented towards security. Maybe there is a small morphix. I'm getting a small 486 or PI laptop to tinker with, will put DSL or zipslack or something like that on it.