Linked by Walter Kruse on Thu 8th Jan 2004 06:55 UTC
Linux It seems that I am in some sort of retro-mode. As Linux on the desktop is getting bigger and better, with more apps, more sleek looks (Galaxy, Keramik and Blue Curve for example) and more idiot proof, I am going onto simpler, more condensed stuff. The big distributions are nice, but I really do not need all the applications that come with them all the time.
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old hardware
by Jorg on Fri 9th Jan 2004 09:56 UTC

I started using Linux (Debian) about 5 years ago on several 486's. It is amazing how useful old PC's can be , also in desktop setups (when installed RAM is not too low). But, installing took a lot of time (half a day?) on these old machines, not talking about finding the right(=lightweight) applications and the tweaking afterwards - being a newbie back then.
Still being found of "lightweight" (and Debian - however dissatisfied with the long release cycles), I tried DSL yesterday on a Celeron 700 with 128 MB RAM. It provides a nice desktop (why didn't I found out XtDesktop before?) and it flies with only about 20 MB RAM consumption.
With a DSL script simular to the knoppix knx-hdinstall (a great time-saver when installing Linux for friends!), old hardware can be put to use again without investing tons of time. And that's just great!
Thank you DSL for bringing back the fun into low spec computing!