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General Development This article discusses a small-scale benchmark test run on nine modern computer languages or variants: Java 1.3.1, Java 1.4.2, C compiled with gcc 3.3.1, Python 2.3.2, Python compiled with Psyco 1.1.1, and the four languages supported by Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET 2003 development environment: Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, and Visual J#. The benchmark tests arithmetic and trigonometric functions using a variety of data types, and also tests simple file I/O. All tests took place on a Pentium 4-based computer running Windows XP. Update: Delphi version of the benchmark here.
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[ copied from my slashdot posting on this article. ]

We weren't quite ready to release it, but we've been working on a language performance comparison test of our own. It is available at:

It's designed as a framework that ought to run cross-platform, so you can run it yourself. We haven't added it yet, but I think we really want to divide the tests into two categories. "Get it done" - and each language implements it the best way for that language, and "Basic features comparison" - where each language has to show off features like lists, hash tables, how fast function calls are, and so forth.

It's an ongoing project, so new participants are welcome! I would appreciate it if comments went to the appropriate SF mailing lists instead of here, so that I can better keep track of them.