Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 12th Jan 2004 05:21 UTC, submitted by Simon Strandgaard
OSNews, Generic OSes When new operating systems gets designed today, great systems such as Amiga, Atari and VMS, seems to get overlooked in regard to their original features not found on other OSes. It might be time to collect and categorize those special unique features under the great/lost ideas wiki, so new OSes don't have to re-invent the wheel and re-innovate.
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by Rodney Mcdonell on Mon 12th Jan 2004 07:02 UTC

When any operating system is going be created, it has to have some features and thus, some feature will have to be re-written, unless theres features that are similar or the same in open source apps, so im not quite sure what you ment by "so new OSes dont have to re-invent the whell and re-innovate"

If an OS wants a gui, you'r going to have to re-invent! The same goes for file systems etc... You may not have to put a lot of thought into it, but its going to have to be done i fyou want a functional OS.

Also i think the Amiga Screens thingo was pretty nifty. Dont know too much about it but, but it sounds very nifty having seperate screens (like workspaces) but having all the properties of a screen such as back drop, resolutions and all being able to be changed independantly of each other. very cool!

Also, the copper chip allowed the screens of different resolutions to be able to be pulled down in front of each other so you could have two resolutions displaying on the same monitor... pretty nifty, or cool!