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OSNews, Generic OSes When new operating systems gets designed today, great systems such as Amiga, Atari and VMS, seems to get overlooked in regard to their original features not found on other OSes. It might be time to collect and categorize those special unique features under the great/lost ideas wiki, so new OSes don't have to re-invent the wheel and re-innovate.
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RE: capability-based security
by Marcus Sundman on Tue 13th Jan 2004 02:01 UTC

if you know have handson experience/ideas on how security could/should be.. then please submit some text about it.

People have written tons about it, much better than I could have, so I suggest that anyone even remotely interested looks up what it's all about. I recommend papers written by Mark S. Miller and/or Jonathan S. Shapiro. (Google is your friend.)

There is also a nice starting points at

You also might want to check out the mailing lists of EROS ("Extremely Reliable Operating System") and the secure programming language E: