Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 12th Jan 2004 05:21 UTC, submitted by Simon Strandgaard
OSNews, Generic OSes When new operating systems gets designed today, great systems such as Amiga, Atari and VMS, seems to get overlooked in regard to their original features not found on other OSes. It might be time to collect and categorize those special unique features under the great/lost ideas wiki, so new OSes don't have to re-invent the wheel and re-innovate.
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goodies in VMS
by SteveD on Tue 13th Jan 2004 08:55 UTC

Apart from Logicals and the security model there are load of features in VMS that make it onto my list. Some of these do appear in other O/S's
1) Clustering down to the desktop. The ability to add workstations into a full blown cluster on the fly makes system managemen a dream.
2) Upgrading the clusters O/S without taking down the cluster(Rolling upgrade)
3) proper implemetation of a Cluster ALIAS Network Address
4) O/S has been 64 bit for years (ok, since V7 on Alpha)
5) Decent range of storage management options for local and LAN/SAN connections.
6) Properly shared disks via storage controllers(Since Clustering came in about 1984 or so)
And above all IMHO
7) A decent pre-emptive multi tasking scheduler. No one task can grab hold of the whole system forever. Why couldn't Dave Cutler do the same job in Windows is beyond me.
8) It just does not crash. It is real commercial grade O/S.