Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 18th Jan 2004 08:19 UTC
Oracle and SUN Some of the more experienced among the readers can surely configure CUPS with Samba by editing configuration files with closed eyes. This kind of exercise is useful and fun the first few times, but it can quickly become a mundane task if it has to repeated often. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a distribution that could do it near-automatically? In other words, wouldn't it be nice if we just used Xandros? And despite our natural resistance to use GUI for any kind of configuration, could we still love Xandros? Robert Storey investigates.
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i must say that SUSE 9.0 has been very good so far
by Kaiser SUSE on Sun 18th Jan 2004 12:58 UTC

I recently installed the Kaiser SUSE 9.0 on a HP consumer laptop and I've been incredibly happy with it.

The autodetects all worked, both KDE and GNOME work, sound works, etc... It even got the trackpad going with a good driver... the vertical scroll region is sweet.

This is the same machine that Fedora Core 1 choked on... FC1 would just lock up during the install.

I have not tried Xandros 2.0 yet, but it would have to be demonstrably better than SUSE for me to switch.

SUSE is great because of all the apps support... and the LSB certification... and because Hans Reiser uses it, there is better chance it will work with Reiser4... :-)

All in all, SUSE really made my weekend so far. It's the best installing distro I have ever used. Kudos, Kaiser.