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Oracle and SUN Some of the more experienced among the readers can surely configure CUPS with Samba by editing configuration files with closed eyes. This kind of exercise is useful and fun the first few times, but it can quickly become a mundane task if it has to repeated often. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a distribution that could do it near-automatically? In other words, wouldn't it be nice if we just used Xandros? And despite our natural resistance to use GUI for any kind of configuration, could we still love Xandros? Robert Storey investigates.
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RE: responsiveness
by Telemann on Sun 18th Jan 2004 19:04 UTC

"while linux ui respondsiveness poor maybe bacause of x11 or hardware reason.

face 'IT' pls."

Erm, perhaps your "Linux UI" is unresponsive, but that doesn't make mine. XFree86 is not to blame for the typically slow performance of modern Linux distros; it's GNOME and KDE. Powerful and friendly as they are, they're enormous beasts.

I don't have any such thing as "poor responsiveness", and never have done, because I use IceWM and lightweight apps. Linux with XFree86 can be just as snappy and responsive as BeOS when set up correctly. And way, way faster than WinXP. Again, will WinXP run fine on a P75?

That should answer your question. Linux is fine. X is fine. Remove KDE and GNOME if you want pure speed.