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Oracle and SUN Some of the more experienced among the readers can surely configure CUPS with Samba by editing configuration files with closed eyes. This kind of exercise is useful and fun the first few times, but it can quickly become a mundane task if it has to repeated often. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a distribution that could do it near-automatically? In other words, wouldn't it be nice if we just used Xandros? And despite our natural resistance to use GUI for any kind of configuration, could we still love Xandros? Robert Storey investigates.
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Re: Learning curve, and Telemann/JB
by WorknMan on Sun 18th Jan 2004 19:40 UTC

>Now I read that Xandros might make me go thru this learning curve again if I am not satisfied with what they give meby default.

The only real learning curve for Xandros includes the following:

1. How to configure fonts in non-KDE apps (Someone would just say 'well, apt-get the gnome control center and there you go' ... well, yeah ... I guess if you know how to do that. That's where the learning part comes in.)
2. Modify the apt-sources in Xandros Networks so you can get current software, and then download from those sources without breaking your existing Xandros packages.

Well, that's about it, assuming that Xandros recognizes all your hardware. If you've got a DVD burner, I don't think that works out of the box.

Even on my main machine, a P3 800 / 320M RAM with Slackware 9.1 and IceWM, it boots quicker, responds faster and is just generally a much, MUCH better performer than Windows XP. The latter is incredibly sluggish on all but the most powerful hardware.

After following the directions below, XP runs quite well on a P3-450 (the slowest machine I have):

Of course, if you run Linux on a castrated window manager that has 1/4 the features of modern DE's, it's going to run faster.