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Oracle and SUN A few weeks ago, I stubbed my toe on my old Sun Ultra 5 as it sat there lifeless and unused in my apartment. Once my primary desktop, the envy of my geek friends, and a way to woo the ladies, its glory days have long since passed. As much as I would like to let it live out its days looking sexy and taking up space, I live on the island of Manhattan, where space is a premium. Since I can't charge it rent, I decided I'd better use it or lose it. But what to use it for? What operating system would I run on it? Solaris? What about Linux? FreeBSD? NetBSD? OpenBSD? They all run on the SPARC platform, so I thought why not do a quick review.
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Ultra 5 can only support 512 MB, not 1 GB
by TonyB on Wed 21st Jan 2004 04:10 UTC

I'm glad I preficed it by saying "I believe the max" ;)

Thanks to Robert Escue for saying that it only supported 512 MB. I thought that too, but I found a Sun document listing a 1 GB configuration.

Scroll down a bit, and you'll see it.

Turns out they memory module they listed is an Ultra 10 only module, and after seeing a picture of it, I can see why. They DIMMs are huge. As it stands, the short DIMMS barefly fit in the Ultra 5. You'd have to take the floppy drive out (no big loss) to try to make them fit, and even then, I couldn't say for sure.

So while they may work if you pull out the floppy, I can't say for certain.