Linked by Tony Bourke on Wed 21st Jan 2004 02:41 UTC
Oracle and SUN A few weeks ago, I stubbed my toe on my old Sun Ultra 5 as it sat there lifeless and unused in my apartment. Once my primary desktop, the envy of my geek friends, and a way to woo the ladies, its glory days have long since passed. As much as I would like to let it live out its days looking sexy and taking up space, I live on the island of Manhattan, where space is a premium. Since I can't charge it rent, I decided I'd better use it or lose it. But what to use it for? What operating system would I run on it? Solaris? What about Linux? FreeBSD? NetBSD? OpenBSD? They all run on the SPARC platform, so I thought why not do a quick review.
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RE: My Sun Ultra 5 And Me
by Sid Boyce on Wed 21st Jan 2004 21:57 UTC

I've been tempted to bring Linux up on "my" Ultra 5 when I first got it, but my boss asked me not to in case they needed it back, I upgraded to a 20G HD, so it sleeps under my desk at home until it's needed to test something out on Solaris 8. Going back further, when the old SPARC 5's would crawl using Solaris, Linux was quite speedy on them, but alas I couldn't get one for free, there that "F" word again. If ever I get hold of another SPARC box, I shall install Linux on it, I quite liked the project I did some years ago that used an E3500 running Linux, quite fun. I'm also looking into installing SPARC Linux on a partition of a big-iron Fujitsu Primepower M2000 I have sitting idle at work, it would be a good demo with perhaps 24 CPU's and 48 Gig. in a domain to play with, I just need some time.