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Oracle and SUN Some of the more experienced among the readers can surely configure CUPS with Samba by editing configuration files with closed eyes. This kind of exercise is useful and fun the first few times, but it can quickly become a mundane task if it has to repeated often. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a distribution that could do it near-automatically? In other words, wouldn't it be nice if we just used Xandros? And despite our natural resistance to use GUI for any kind of configuration, could we still love Xandros? Robert Storey investigates.
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Why acquire one of the leading GUI-based/ user-friendly/ hand-holding distros, only to attempt to dismember it - would'nt that be like attempting to run MacOS_X or Windows and then try to decapitate it.
-> That's their claim-to-fame. Rip it out - they become plain-jane distros (I won't name any to avoid severe flaming ;-).
Xandros makes no secret that the underpinnings is Debian.
Install that one and muck around with it, that's why it's still around - for people that like to fiddle.

Like some other reviewer said (and I agree) : I get enough action playing around with several server-oriented distros - there are times I just want to get home, pop my mail, surf the web, listen to/view/whatever some attachment received, or play a CD while composing a letter to Auntie Ellen ... and don't really want to show my technical prowess.

I just want the bloody thing to work !!

In this respect Xandros 1.x/2.0 more than fits the bill. Thanks guys for your hard work and resulting excellant distro.