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Oracle and SUN A few weeks ago, I stubbed my toe on my old Sun Ultra 5 as it sat there lifeless and unused in my apartment. Once my primary desktop, the envy of my geek friends, and a way to woo the ladies, its glory days have long since passed. As much as I would like to let it live out its days looking sexy and taking up space, I live on the island of Manhattan, where space is a premium. Since I can't charge it rent, I decided I'd better use it or lose it. But what to use it for? What operating system would I run on it? Solaris? What about Linux? FreeBSD? NetBSD? OpenBSD? They all run on the SPARC platform, so I thought why not do a quick review.
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Here at my office we've got a legacy system from the 80s now running on an UltraSPARC-IIi. We had a clone system set up for backup and then the original's HD died so now there's just the clone, and we've been having some trouble getting the original going again. We're running Solaris 7 (Oct 1998 release) on the working machine, but I've only got the install media for the next version, the Aug 1999 release. The legacy system appears to be sensitive to the underlying OS and I want to make an exact clone. If anybody has Solaris 7 (SunOS 5.7) Oct 1998 install disks, I'll make an offer on 'em. Otherwise if you know anything about Sparcs, Solaris, etc and you can help me, there'd be a reward. Contact me at clark AT thirteen DOT net.