Linked by Tony Bourke on Thu 22nd Jan 2004 21:29 UTC
Benchmarks When running tests, installing operating systems, and compiling software for my Ultra 5, I came to the stunning realization that hey, this system is 64-bit, and all of the operating systems I installed on this Ultra 5 (can) run in 64-bit mode.
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RE: when you benefit from 64bit
by Gandalf on Thu 22nd Jan 2004 22:53 UTC

> You might want to check the article again. I believe it shows 32bit compiles as being faster on SSH.

Yeah, sorry, I was wrong in that point.
But as you can see the difference in performance is smaller than for gzip. As for MySQL, there are obviously some operations that benefit from 64bit aswell (maybe he was a large database with more than 4GB), but things like 'connect' doesn't benefit at all (as you can see in the graphs).