Linked by Tony Bourke on Thu 22nd Jan 2004 21:29 UTC
Benchmarks When running tests, installing operating systems, and compiling software for my Ultra 5, I came to the stunning realization that hey, this system is 64-bit, and all of the operating systems I installed on this Ultra 5 (can) run in 64-bit mode.
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by Rayiner Hashem on Fri 23rd Jan 2004 01:54 UTC

But ... the load/store of the 64bit/128bit values is slower for 32bit builds than for 64bit builds
All CPUs >= SuperSPARC has 64-bit internal datapaths, even running in 32-bit mode. That means that loads/stores for the FPU take exactly the same amount of time. Conversions between integers and floating-point values are extremely rare, so the performance of conversions isn't a big factor.

There is a very good primer on 32-bit vs 64-bit SPARC performance at: