Linked by Tony Bourke on Thu 22nd Jan 2004 21:29 UTC
Benchmarks When running tests, installing operating systems, and compiling software for my Ultra 5, I came to the stunning realization that hey, this system is 64-bit, and all of the operating systems I installed on this Ultra 5 (can) run in 64-bit mode.
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64 versus 32 bits FUD?
by Robert M. Stockmann on Sun 25th Jan 2004 05:38 UTC

Is this dude sponsored by Intel? Why would someone go through these kind of efforts to find out a 64bit app is a tiny bit slower as the 32bit version? Maybe some people were shocked to find Opteron on 64bit was a lot faster as when running in 32bit mode. Why would someone create FUD about 64bit being slower as 32bit when Opteron currently is pulling _all_ bricks out of Intel's backyard??

remember this quote? :

"Windows [n.]
A thirty-two bit extension and GUI shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor and sold by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition."
(Anonymous USEnet post)

Here's another one :

"Itanium [n.]
a.k.a. Itanic. An incompatible sixty-four bit extension to a thirty-two bit Pentium 4 CPU created by a company who's previous CPU was called Pentium 5 and presumably also cannot count upwards in performance."