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Morphos A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.
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RE: Exactly
by Ronald on Thu 29th Jan 2004 01:39 UTC

@Tyrone Miles
Of course OS/2 over Linux. Here's what you can't do with Linux: When I want to install software, I want to do it with no fuss. Double-clicking on a WPI or EXE file is way faster than putting up with RPMs (or DEB or whatever else format they have now). You double-click on a RPM thinking that it's going to be installed properly. Then it leaves the installation with NO warning whatsover. After that you search for it. Then after 15 mins you abandon the search and retry installing the RPM. After another 15 mins, you decide to drop down to console mode and install it there. Then it gives you an error message saying some dependence file is missing or not up to date. Right there and now you've got 3 choices, settle for the software that came with the box/iso, waste time googling to find info or go into Disk Management (Windows XP) and kill those Linux partitions. Most people are going to do the 3rd option because they have better (Windows, OS/2, BeOS, etc...) Linux is not ready for a couple of years to reach up to Mac OS X in usability. Linux isn't ready. It's fanatics tell it is but everybody else knows it isn't.