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Morphos A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.
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by Bharat on Thu 29th Jan 2004 04:27 UTC

Hmmm, I wonder if ark linux has a ppc version. IT would be perfect on this.

Also with kde 3.2 around the corner it should be an interesting time.

I am not sure if that is your intention, but you sound like a smug troll, with a holier than thou attitude.

First a rebuttal to windows has more viruses because its used more often.

By that reasoning Then since Apache is the most commonly used webserver, it should have the majority of security breaches. Which I believe isn't the case.

Sometimes design does matter u know.

and rpm has apt-get and yum. So please stop complaining about rpm dependencies.

"Easier to make worms for linux because its open source"

By that reasoning OpenBSD should have had a lot of exploits right?

Again its not an issue of OSS or closed source but that of design.

If there is a hole, in my experience, usually there is an immediate fix released within days/hours. That you cannot grudge the OSS community.

"Gnome is between 3.1 and 95"

Hmmmm. I gather you have had some problems with it? In my case it just gets the job done.No hassles whatsoever. So I have no complaints about it.