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Morphos A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.
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RE: Birdie.P
by Anonymous on Thu 29th Jan 2004 08:32 UTC

"What irritates me is that Apple wants full price for point releases which, in both the Windows and *nix world would be free downloads."

If you are referring to the difference in price from 10.2.x to 10.3, then i do not know if you have ever used many recent Mac Oses. OS 10.3 should really be someting like OS 11. 10.2 and 10.3 have huge differences in them which I believe justify the costs. The main reason Apple is sticking with 10 is from what I understand to be purely marketing. They spent a good amount on 10 (X) marketing.