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Morphos A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.
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RE: Exactly
by Tyrone Miles on Thu 29th Jan 2004 12:58 UTC

Here we go another non reading non Linux user who wants to claim that they know what they are talking about. Man I think there are too many Windows users with ADHD or something! LOL!

Let me break down and laugh at what you are saying it's pretty obvious that you don't know anything about computers or computer science! LOL!

1 You say “Linux fanatics still don't get it. They reply the APT-GET prepackaged answer to every question just to look smart. Then you tell them that you're using Red Hat because you can't install Debian. Or have access to Lindows/Xandros. APT-GET this, APT-GET that. Like an old vinyl that skips. “ Duh if you read what I wrote you would see that there is APT for Red Hat and RPM! You don't need Debian. Or you can use Yum for RPM which is very similar to APT! No Debian needed APT for RPM will work on any RPM based Linux distro!

2.You say” Linux worms and viruses: Linux.Slapper.Worm, Ramen Linux worm, 1i0n worm, Adore worm and the Sadmind/IIS worm. The self-righteous fanatics never acknowledge that there are more viruses for Windows because most computer are running Windows. More than 90% of computers are running Windows. Guess to which OS worms are more likely to cause problems to? They also never mention that it's easier to make worms for Linux bacause it's open source. Half of the work is already done for Viris makers. ;)
For one if you knew anything about computer science you would know that the amount of machines only correlates to the size of the outbreak, not to the reason why it's easy to hit people with viruses and worms. Duh! If that was the case then why are not more people attacking UNIX and Linux being that Unix and Linux machines are being used for much more important tasks like e-commerce and banking?? You not gonna gain anything but laughs by giving a bunch of windows users a headache. Notice that when you do see linux viruses and worms you only see one or 2 sites or groups hit when companies like IBM and run all their webbased business on Linux?? Hummmmmmm! And being that the OS is open Source that means more people can find the problems and fix them. Unlike with Windows where only Microsoft can fix the problem. If Microsoft (Which they do all the time) chooses not to acknowledge there is a problem then the hole does not get fixed, or it gets fixed at a time of their choosing, or they put out a patch and don't tell anyone. LOL! Anyway I have yet to hear of a Linux outbreak. There are viruses and worms for any OS. Apple just came out with security patches yesterday. There are Millions of Macs out there but I have not heard of a Mac virus outbreak lately.

3.You Say” Mac basher lies: no cross compatibility. Office X worked great for me! Open standards, OH NO! First they complain that it's not based on standards then it's they're copying everything. Make up your minds people. Also note that if it wasn't for Mac, you would not be using the mouses and GUIs. It would have died with Xerox a long time ago. I remember when Mac bashers were making fun of Mac users for needing a GUI and a mouse. Right now a lot the themes at are based on Aqua. I wonder why ;)
Here again YOU DID NOT READ! What I said about cross compatibility was that if you don't buy a mac machine you get NO Mac OS. Which means you are tied into their hardware. (So if there is a hardware problem with a particular line of MAC's, guess what you deal with it or no MAC OS! Oh and I hear tell them MS my discontinue Office for Mac! Now what you gonna do?? LOL! Use Open Office cause Apple has no Office Suite. That is what I mean by compatibility. And themes?? Based on Aqua, wow, there are XP and 2000 themes. Just because something looks good to you doesn't mean it's good for you the saying goes! LOL! So why not get the Aqua look since Apple uses ALL open source in the Mac OS anyway??

4.And last but not least you say “Btw go to for the new OS/2 client.

IBM has an history of sabotaging it's departments. OS/2 is just another casualty. If they didn't have as many clients, they'd have killed the midrange computers(AS/400) long ago. IIRC they tried 3 times to fold that dept. lol

So please use your brain cells next time you spew your drivel. Gnome is in between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. A little more advanced than 3.1 but less polished than 95.” Me myself I don't use Gnome so I can't speak on Gnome, but I assume now that Novell owns the company there will be more money to make it much better! You have to remember that MS has been making their OS for over 20 years and the Linux Kernel has only been around for 10. It's funny that with a 10 year head start I can still get into a discussion about which is better, Linux or Windows! You would think with a 10 year head start and 50 Billion in the bank Windows would be WAYYYYYY head of Linux, yet it's not! And dang Apple after all these years making their own OS, brought the mouse to the people etc, got stomped by Microsoft and is not being stomped by Linux! It's bad when the business model of a computer company is to make money selling music and IPODS and not computer software and equipment! As for as the ecomstation goes it's still OS2 Warp 4 which still looks like Windows NT 3.51! On top of that where are the apps for ecomstation?? Oh yea that's right, Open Office and other Open Source applications originally created for Linux. LOL! Now I must admit I was a big OS2 fan but at this point it's outdated, that is why ATM companies are going to Windows and leaving OS2.

Please do a little better research before you come at me with lame half truths. Unlike some people you may talk to I in my JOB for a living test and recommend software and Operating Systems for use at the Government Agency that I work for. I support Windows environments, Linux environments and Unix environments. I don't know everything but I have used darn near everything!