Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 28th Jan 2004 19:24 UTC
Morphos A new product arises from Genesi: The Open Desktop Workstation is based upon the Genesi Pegasos, a CHRP based motherboard. Integrating selected Open Firmware and running multiple (15+) operating systems, the Workstation is an extremely efficient, very expandable hardware solution for personal and business computer requirements. Both IBM and Motorola feature the new product in their pages.
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Skip Linux discussion?
by XBe on Thu 29th Jan 2004 20:32 UTC

What does Linux ATM's have to do with Genesi workstation??

As so many others said before... Linux Zealots... slashdot -->

While at it, nice to hear if I provided a new idea to you Genesi guys.

I really hope you make it, and PLEASE don't put to much faith into the Linux hype, make it polished, make it work good and aim for quality customers who can consider paying... that's another hot tip for you..