Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 30th Jan 2004 20:06 UTC
General Development CVS, part of the glue that holds open source development together, shows its age. Many competitors have emerged recently, fixing misfeatures and adding new ideas. Shlomi Fish (of the version control comparison fame) explores several current open source version control systems that may be better than CVS for your needs. Email Shlomi on how to add info for your favorite VCS on his comparison page.
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Re: Darcs
by Steven Haryanto on Sat 31st Jan 2004 08:24 UTC

I believe the author did have some discussions on the darcs-users mailing list; it's just that he hasn't updated the webpage yet (the Better SCM Initiative site has been around for a while, back while I was still using CVS & Aegis; I guess Eugenia just found out about it recently).

See the darcs-users mailing list for details.