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Linux For those that don't already know, smoothwall is a very slick and easy way to setup a firewall/nat/dhcp server (and more) at home or in a small office very quickly even on old computer equipment. I have used Smoothwall 1.0 in the past and liked its features (although at the time, I did have a problem with Snort failing to start after I updated the software with some fixes...). It served on an old Pentium II 400mhz machine with two NICs inside (network cards). One was the 'green' interface (more about that later) and the other was the 'red' interface. I used that setup for quite a few months, mainly because I wanted to see what alternatives there were to hardware based firewalls (such as DLink gateways/firewalls) that I had been using.
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Worth noting
by anonymous on Wed 4th Feb 2004 00:34 UTC

In the defense of SmoothWall Ltd, as of March 2003 Richard Morell is no longer an employee or director of SmoothWall Ltd.

SmoothWall have a press release about this at and I shall leave you to your own conclusions about what this actually means. Although it does have a certain "politically correct" feel to it.

SmoothWall now has a new commitment to the GPL project (redubbed Express) and sees the launch of Express 2.0, it's subsequent launch party and revamp of of the website as the start of a new long term focus on both Express and GPL projects in general.

It should also be noted also that Express does support EXT3 (journalled filesystem)