Linked by Niall C. Brady on Tue 3rd Feb 2004 20:17 UTC
Linux For those that don't already know, smoothwall is a very slick and easy way to setup a firewall/nat/dhcp server (and more) at home or in a small office very quickly even on old computer equipment. I have used Smoothwall 1.0 in the past and liked its features (although at the time, I did have a problem with Snort failing to start after I updated the software with some fixes...). It served on an old Pentium II 400mhz machine with two NICs inside (network cards). One was the 'green' interface (more about that later) and the other was the 'red' interface. I used that setup for quite a few months, mainly because I wanted to see what alternatives there were to hardware based firewalls (such as DLink gateways/firewalls) that I had been using.
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dont forget...
by Ophidian on Wed 4th Feb 2004 06:00 UTC

astaro is an awesome product, albeit not free if you want to use their web interface

i was evaluating it for use with some clients one time, and as long as you are willing to license the features, there is very little it doesnt do as a firewall/vpn gateway/proxy server that i would ever think i would need to do.

for here i use ipcop, but i like how you can customize it beyond what you can do with a netgear/dlink/linksys router