Linked by Andrew Barilla on Tue 10th Feb 2004 20:08 UTC
Linux After reading a discussion on DistroWatch asking if users were happy with their current distribution, I noticed a common thread of those who have had similar experiences as myself with juggling various Linux distributions. Like myself, they feel many Linux distributions are great, but no one quite feels like home. None of them quite fit the bill and they may even begin to think that every OS sucks.
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by acrid on Tue 10th Feb 2004 20:58 UTC

You know, I've been running debian/unstable for over 3 years and I can count on one hand the number of times that I've had problems with it. And I'm talking about 2 desktop systems with all the trimmings, not some bare-bones server.

Also, there is a testing branch in between stable and unstable that is rock solid. That way you can have new versions of the software without the 2 problems a year that you get with unstable. ;)

You're free to not like Debian, but I don't think the arguments presented hold water.