Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 6th Jun 2002 21:22 UTC
Oracle and SUN Solaris 8 - Administrator's Guide is a book written by Paul Watters, and published by O'Reilly. The book is all about how to create and administer networks using Solaris 8. The book, published in January, is current even for Solaris 9, mostly because not many changes to the way Solaris works have been made in the new version of the OS.
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About Solaris Books
by Speed on Fri 7th Jun 2002 08:42 UTC

Solaris books have this annoying habit of saying very little in a lot of pages. They cover the stuff that I can figure aou for myself, and gloss right over the stuff that I could use some help with. The only admin utility that any of them cover is admintool, which doesn't help much when you SSH in to work on a remote box!

From what I've seen, this book is no exception. It's too basic. Is there really a need for this? Any desktop Solaris user who isn't already supported by an administrative staff is probably a geek already.