Linked by Andrew Barilla on Tue 10th Feb 2004 20:08 UTC
Linux After reading a discussion on DistroWatch asking if users were happy with their current distribution, I noticed a common thread of those who have had similar experiences as myself with juggling various Linux distributions. Like myself, they feel many Linux distributions are great, but no one quite feels like home. None of them quite fit the bill and they may even begin to think that every OS sucks.
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Making it so hard on myself
by ponds on Wed 11th Feb 2004 04:31 UTC

OSX/WinXP might work best for the desktop for you, but the same cookie cutter solution isn't going to be perfect for everyone. Some people (such as myself) can get stuff done very productively on a Linux or BSD desktop.

To the "where would you like to see Linux going" questions, I think that most of the point of OSS is to avoid stuff like that. There are millions of linux users who all want Linux to "go" thousands of different "ways." The beauty of OSS is that it can go multiple ways at once, there can be a project to make a easy desktop Linux, a project to make a robust geek workstation, projects to make great server OSes, and projects that allow you to build your distrobution any way that you want it. As for where I'd like Linux to go, I don't care. For me, it was perfect 5 years ago, and still is today.