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Oracle and SUN Solaris 8 - Administrator's Guide is a book written by Paul Watters, and published by O'Reilly. The book is all about how to create and administer networks using Solaris 8. The book, published in January, is current even for Solaris 9, mostly because not many changes to the way Solaris works have been made in the new version of the OS.
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Re: About Solaris Books
by vlad on Fri 7th Jun 2002 14:01 UTC

I'm second for that.
"admintool" is for sissies.
Judging by the chapter about netwrok configuration
it really sucks - I would definitely give it much lower than 8/10. Of course, it's must have for Solaris sysadmin - to put it on the shelf where everyone can see it, especially boss.

"touch /reconfigure ; init 6" - hammer-like solution.

I wanted to change from static IP to DHCP and it took quite a few keystrokes (and I couldn't avoid reboot) and this chapter doesn't cover it at all, although I consider it a basic task.