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Linux After reading a discussion on DistroWatch asking if users were happy with their current distribution, I noticed a common thread of those who have had similar experiences as myself with juggling various Linux distributions. Like myself, they feel many Linux distributions are great, but no one quite feels like home. None of them quite fit the bill and they may even begin to think that every OS sucks.
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Re: tv-casualty
by Syntaxis on Thu 12th Feb 2004 00:34 UTC

"i know gentoo adheres to it in spirit and to the letter!"

Not quite.

Gentoo considers FHS violations to be only minor bugs (see for instance I couldn't find any references to Gentoo's stance wrt the LSB, but I assume it's similar.

This doesn't compare too favourably with other distributions; Debian, for example, regards all FHS and LSB violations as being release-critical (