Linked by Andrew Barilla on Tue 10th Feb 2004 20:08 UTC
Linux After reading a discussion on DistroWatch asking if users were happy with their current distribution, I noticed a common thread of those who have had similar experiences as myself with juggling various Linux distributions. Like myself, they feel many Linux distributions are great, but no one quite feels like home. None of them quite fit the bill and they may even begin to think that every OS sucks.
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Slackware package manager
by Paul on Thu 12th Feb 2004 22:14 UTC

I think the author of this article should try out College Linux 2.5

The new system is great! It's based off of 2.4.23 Kernel, installs with scanner, tv-tuner, CD burner, and webcam support. The support forums are check daily by a team of individuals (which I'm a part of) and users. The CL team has been putting documentation for various users (migrating from Windows, Using and customizing fluxbox, changing your kernel).

More importanly it uses slapt-get; a tool identical to debian's apt-get but for slackware. While numeroud packages are in the repository, there is a mass upload scheduled in about a month, which also will include a 2.6 kernel upgrade.

I distro has a great feel to it; it seems to be a perfect balanced between ease of use, yet still has a powerful slick feel like Slackware.