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Oracle and SUN Solaris 8 - Administrator's Guide is a book written by Paul Watters, and published by O'Reilly. The book is all about how to create and administer networks using Solaris 8. The book, published in January, is current even for Solaris 9, mostly because not many changes to the way Solaris works have been made in the new version of the OS.
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Re: Weenie
by Speed on Sat 8th Jun 2002 09:31 UTC

I really think it was mostly geared for a MS or Linux weenie (not that Linux == weenie) that scammed a Solaris job. Light on the difficult stuff, lots of basics.

I think you have a good point there, Matt. When I started off in IS, I was already accustomed to working with professionals who really knew their stuff. And for the first few years, that's pretty much how it was -- I felt that there was a ton of things to be learned from more senior co-workers. But recently it seems like I meet more IS "professionals" who are total BS artists. I suppose that the IT bubble that preceeded the dot-bomb created a gold-rush syndrome that pulled all kinds of wannabes out of the woodwork. And those wannabes couldn't very well show up to work with a stack of "Dummies" books!

The sad and ironic consequence is that jobs that once were highly respected are now almost unskilled labor. Good people are leaving the field in disgust, rather than put up with the back-stabbing pretenders. When I run the numbers, I can't understand how management can justify $50K/yr employees who spend millions on turnkey systems (because they don't have the skills to build their own) vs. $75K/yr employees who actually save money on software. No wonder stock prices continue to tumble!