Linked by Carlos Leonhard Woelz on Fri 20th Feb 2004 07:29 UTC
General Development CVS is a tool to record, manage and distribute different versions of files. In other words, CVS is a version control system. It allows easy collaborative work, as each of the contributors can work in his local copy at the same time, without fear of overriding each other modifications. It allows the recovery of past versions (useful for tracking bugs), the creation of branches (for experimental development or for releases) and more.
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Cervisia is great
by Peter R. Brinkler on Fri 20th Feb 2004 09:44 UTC

For those interested tla (arch) also provides some interesting capabilities: No I am not part of the developers for tla ;)

While subversion is nice, tla supports many more features which are not included in subversion - or was not when I looked at subversion.

Personally I frequently use a private repository which I merge with "main"... I even have one repository on my desktop and one on my laptop which I then work against until I deem progress fit to make it into our (non-disclosed opensource project) main repository..... now if cervisia would only support tla....