Linked by Carlos Leonhard Woelz on Fri 20th Feb 2004 07:29 UTC
General Development CVS is a tool to record, manage and distribute different versions of files. In other words, CVS is a version control system. It allows easy collaborative work, as each of the contributors can work in his local copy at the same time, without fear of overriding each other modifications. It allows the recovery of past versions (useful for tracking bugs), the creation of branches (for experimental development or for releases) and more.
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RE: @Eugenia
by Christian Loose on Sun 22nd Feb 2004 17:18 UTC

Normally I'm not into talking about vaporware but Carlos asked me to add some more information about what we are planning to do in the next version of Cervisia.

With the KDE 3.2 version of Cervisia, we made the first steps to separate the frontend and the backend. We now have a DCOP service that offers the CVS functions and it is now also used by KDevelop 3.0.

Now we are trying to go one step further and also support other version control systems in Cervisia and offer our backend to other KDE apps. We just started with the design phase and I'm not sure if we will make it for the KDE 3.3 release but it's high on my todo list.

The first vcs that we will additionaly support will probably be subversion because of it's similarities to cvs.