Linked by Tony Bourke on Mon 23rd Feb 2004 21:54 UTC
Benchmarks In continuing with my articles exploring the my SPARC-based Sun Ultra 5, I'm going to cover the topic of compiler optimizations on the SPARC platform. While many are familiar with GCC compiler optimizations for the x86 platform, there are naturally differences for GCC on SPARC, and some platform-specific issues to keep in mind.
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Re: Two Things
by Anonymous on Tue 24th Feb 2004 00:33 UTC

" You prove that optimizations do matter, in spite of those who say they make no difference."

Who in their right mind goes on around saying that compiler optimizations make no difference, especially dealing with a RISC design?

Compiler optimization makes all the difference with respect to RISC machines, sure hardware is usually a few steps ahead when it comes to dynamic scheduling. But most RISC chips depends heavily on a good scheduling, this dependence is taken to an extreme by VLIW machines.