Linked by Tony Bourke on Mon 23rd Feb 2004 21:54 UTC
Benchmarks In continuing with my articles exploring the my SPARC-based Sun Ultra 5, I'm going to cover the topic of compiler optimizations on the SPARC platform. While many are familiar with GCC compiler optimizations for the x86 platform, there are naturally differences for GCC on SPARC, and some platform-specific issues to keep in mind.
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RE: Gentoo Sparc
by Brian on Tue 24th Feb 2004 01:16 UTC

I have to agree with what Aaron said about Gentoo. I've tried out many different OSs/distros with my Ultra 10. I've always been a huge Debian fan, so I used it happily on the machine for two years or so.

Recently, I had to install new hard disks and start again from scratch, so I decided to see how Gentoo worked, just for curiosity. Although it took a LONG time to build from scratch, I can really see the speed difference, especially with gcc flags like those discussed in this article. I would highly recommend Gentoo for anyone running an Ultra.