Linked by Tony Bourke on Mon 23rd Feb 2004 21:54 UTC
Benchmarks In continuing with my articles exploring the my SPARC-based Sun Ultra 5, I'm going to cover the topic of compiler optimizations on the SPARC platform. While many are familiar with GCC compiler optimizations for the x86 platform, there are naturally differences for GCC on SPARC, and some platform-specific issues to keep in mind.
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Which gcc version did you use?
by BSDero on Tue 24th Feb 2004 16:24 UTC

..cause the Free Software Companion CD of Sun Solaris 9 has two gcc versions: gcc-2.95.x and 3.2...

Are there differences between both gcc versions? (At least in Solaris 9/Sparc?)

I tried that optimizations in my Quad/SS20 and my Dual/SS10 and it definitely worth the try.

Warning: If you have SMP systems (like mine) some software don't use SMP capability of sparc engines.. like some ray tracers and such number-crunch apps...( povray and so on)..