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X11, Window Managers For the past year, there has been a slow and steady stream of news events regarding XFree86, X11, or new X server implementations. To those not paying close attention (and even those who are), the meaning of some of these events may not be clear. In this brief article, I attempt to share my impression on what the changes mean for users of free software on the desktop. It appears that XFree86 is in some turmoil, and it may leave some to infer that free desktop systems will suffer.
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As usual ignorance leads the article.
by Anonymous on Wed 25th Feb 2004 10:16 UTC

Just asking ? Does it have a reason that you left out KDE here when you wrote the first paragraph ? .... like GNOME .... and where is KDE ? Not to mention that the guy who works hard on x f.d.o (Keith Packard) is a KDE supporter. Ok these are little details, but you should think of those who never heard about either KDE/GNOME or XFree86 before, just coming here reading this article.

By the way regardles of Keith Packard being thrown out (like many others). There is no demand being in a team or something specially when not getting paid for the work or not even being under contract. You as always have the chance to fork a project and continue it on your own with others in the hope that it becomes mainstram one day. That's these attepts like Xouvert, X Freedesktop, Y Windowing System.

Another point is, that I've been following the XFree86 development quite closely the past 1-2 years now and I must admit that they are doing pretty fine. The entire 3d Drivers have been merged, the XFree team reconsidered and continuing with a clear refreshing roadmap. Not to mention that there is NO need to permanently change a project if it's not needed. E.g there is no need to make big changes in the code as long as it's stable and works.

Sure there are a bunch of things that everyone can complain about such as better modularisation with autoconfig system, newer or better separate libraries such as zlib, xcursor, fontconig, freetype2 etc. But after all the majority of people aren't contributing to them anyways except a handful of people. The reasons why Keith and some other people got thrown out is because of diagreement. In a team where you develop with other people you need to follow a bunch of guidelines and agreement with others to achieve a goal. The strict X goal was to be independant to a certain Desktop environment with a good reason because not everyone like to participate to either GNOME, KDE or XFCE and so on. Staying a neutral project was indeed required. But some people who were developing there started to make big noise and thus they got thrown out.

Let's eye over to X Freedesktop for a moment. It's not the ultimate in solutions either. Instead of having one X server they now have ONE X server for each graphic chipset. (As it used to be under XFree 3.x). Do you think this is a solution ? A lot of heavy changes for what ?

We should first see what happens in the next 1 year and not judge about other peoples work or roadmaps. This is the same junk like other people complain about KDE or GNOME while not having contributed anything to it.