Linked by Oscar Boykin on Wed 25th Feb 2004 08:59 UTC
X11, Window Managers For the past year, there has been a slow and steady stream of news events regarding XFree86, X11, or new X server implementations. To those not paying close attention (and even those who are), the meaning of some of these events may not be clear. In this brief article, I attempt to share my impression on what the changes mean for users of free software on the desktop. It appears that XFree86 is in some turmoil, and it may leave some to infer that free desktop systems will suffer.
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Shit happens...
by Anonymous on Wed 25th Feb 2004 10:44 UTC

I guess that's what happens when you ask people to co-operate. Humans aren't made that way - eventaully selfish motivations will lead them to fight and fall out. It's a bit like the collapse of communism I guess - a lot of people say the West won the cold war - but in the end it was more a case of the communist world tearing itself apart. Just like communism it seems that many conflicting voices have led to a hopelessly inneficient development model - with no clear way to turn the project around. Closed development models, personal egos, conflicting objectives, persistent bickering and infighting - ultimately it seems doomed to fail.

As a long term Linux user, I have to say I find the current situation very depressing.